Our Story

When I had the opportunity to visit a patient of mine, we found over thirty different medications scattered throughout every crevice of her house. She would be admitted to the hospital for an asthma attack because she was not taking her maintenance medications, only to return home with a new box. Steroids, antibiotics, and breathing treatments were prescribed on discharge to stabilize her worsening asthma attack. However, she was understandably confused. Back home, she would stop taking her inhaler and take her steroids on an as needed basis sometimes 3-4 months after discharge. Only after we organized her medications and helped coach her on a weekly basis was she able to take her medications regularly. And the sad thing is, she is not alone.

We are a team of designers and technologists that connected behind this mission to engineer Fruitful Health as a unique platform designed for our end-users who struggle with one of the most difficult problems in healthcare today: medication nonadherence. We have the unique opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team to create a product and service along with our users feedback.